Most Common Questions (13)

Sharing your campaign is how you bring in the most revenue, so we make it easy for you to share your event with the world! The most popular ways are to use the tools embedded in your fundraising page which allow you to share by email, text, and Facebook. Additionally, pages can be shared via Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Only if you want them to. We have the ability to allow your donors to cover the cost of the fees so that your organization receives the greatest benefit possible from their contribution.

You sure can! We want you to raise as much as possible, so while we firmly believe that online donations are the way to go, we know that some people will still want to pay by cash or check. We fully support any and all offline donations that you get.

Yes and no. We developed the Accelraise platform to help schools, youth groups, sports teams, corporations and non-profits raise more money with less effort. We are happy to help you raise money for your cause as long as it’s for a “good” cause. We reserve the right to refuse access to the platform for anything illegal, immoral, or offensive.

The security of your credit card information is one of our top concerns. AccelRaise does NOT store any credit card information for any reason. We figured it’s best to leave that to the professionals, so we are integrated with industry-leading credit card processing companies including Authorize.net and Stripe.

The Accelraise platform can be used to improve the results of almost any kind of fundraiser! Many groups use us for pledge drives, “A-thons” (like jog, bike, read, music, goal, hit, swim, etc), and golf tournaments. We’ve done many, many other kinds of events though, so if you have an idea – let us know! You can email events@accelraise.com and one of our fundraising specialists will get right back to you!

AccelRaise makes money when you have a successful fundraiser! We don’t want to be like other fundraising companies that charge a large upfront fee or take a big chunk of your earnings. We have a small set up fee which is designed to cover the costs involved with setting up your fundraising site and making sure you’re off on the right track! From there, we charge a small percentage of the funds you raise. For most events, we also put a cap in place for certain types of revenue and overall fees. We want to be your fundraising partner into the future!

There’s no limit to what you can raise through the Accelraise platform . . . we have events that take in $2,500 and $250,000! Between our technology and expertise, we will help you raise as much as possible!

When someone makes a donation in support of you, they automatically get a Thank You note along with their receipt. This note can be tailored to each event so your supporters feel like they’re appreciated. You also will have access to the list of your personal donors, and their email addresses, so you can follow up with a personal note of your own!

There are many reports available in the admin panel to provide you with the insight you need to make your event as successful as possible, as well as minimize the “admin” paperwork and headache normally associated with fundraising.

We are a fundraising software platform, not:
An e-commerce site, so we do not support the collection of sales (or any other) tax.
A CPA, so we don’t know if/when you might have to pay tax.
The IRS, so we aren’t concerned if you owe taxes.
We suggest you consult a tax professional with any tax-related questions.

Absolutely! The Accelraise platform is designed to work perfectly on mobile platforms like IOS and Android.

No, you don’t have to be a non-profit or any particular type of organization. We want to help anyone with a good cause and a genuine reason to raise money. We reserve the right to refuse service to any organization, event, or cause for any reason, including, but not limited to, anything that is illegal, immoral, or otherwise offensive at our sole discretion.

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