About Us


We first birthed the idea of AccelRaise as a necessity for our children’s school fundraising needs – that was over three years ago. We noticed that the “old-school” type of fundraising our nearby schools, club sports teams, and non-profit organizations were using were obsolete. In today’s world of rapid technological growth, we knew that something had to change – fast.

Fast forward three years, and AccelRaise is now a staple in over 100+ schools, sports teams, and non-profit organizations. AccelRaise combines the great fundraising ideas of teachers, parents, coaches, and organization managers into one, and brings those ideas onto an online platform where those beautiful ideas can flourish.

By bringing traditional fundraising online you are able to spread your cause across the world with one click; increasing donations dramatically. Since it’s conception, AccelRaise has truly been about the user experience, helpfulness, kindness, transparency, and the betterment of our community as a whole – and we wholeheartedly plan on keeping it that way.

With AccelRaise you can double, and even triple your fundraising goals. Our web based platform is secure, easy to use, and makes it easy for the average person to set up their own event, keep track of fundraising, and always be at ease since everything runs itself! 

Whether it be a golf tournament, fun-run, or anything in-between, AccelRaise will make your fundraising process easier, more exciting, and more profitable than ever before! 

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How much do you guys charge?
– Good question! Usually we charge a flat fee of 10% for organizations and companies, but if you’d like us to run and plan the event, the percentage goes up depending on how extensive the work you need our team to do for you is! The more money you raise, the less we take. Again, we created this platform as a necessity for our kids so we know how hard raising money can be.

Is there a credit card fee for donors and I?
– Yes and no. There is actually a small 3% processing fee charged, BUT we do have an awesome little feature integrated to our site that asks donors upon check out if they’d like to cover that 3% processing fee – thus you netting more money for your cause! 

What type of organizations do you support?
– We support, and are able to make fundraising websites for ANY type of organization big or small! Whether you’re tiny school, or non-profit team trying to raise money for a good cause, all the way up to a corporate company – we will make an awesome fundraising site for you, tailored to your success!

Do I have to be a non-profit to use AccelRaise?
– Simply put, no. If you think your cause is a worthy cause such as a campaign to help with medical costs, all the way down to asking your community to help with buying a new car, AccelRaise is there for you. 

How can I share my campaign?
– Because your whole campaign is online it is as easy as ever to share your campaign! Since AccelRaise’s platform allows separate pages such as classroom/team listings, individual participant listings, along with a whole bunch of menu options, each page will have it’s unique URL. This means all you have to do is copy and paste the URL to ANY kind of Social Media to share the page you’re sending – you can also send by text, or email!