Struggling with Fundraising?

If you’re like most schools, sports programs, and non-profit organizations then fundraising is something you have to do.
You’re also tired of all of the traditional fundraising programs, and the new online platforms are great, but they take too much money from your efforts.
Enter ACCELRAISE – the online platform that lets you KEEP MORE MONEY FOR YOUR PROGRAM and GUARANTEES your success!
Did your last fundraiser flop? Are people tired of participating? Does it take too much time and effort for not enough results?
Do yourself a favor and reach out to us . . . we have a long track record of helping our groups make more money with less effort.
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Fundraising Ideas

Fun-Runs and A-thons

Need an awesome way to boost your donations for a fun-run, pledge-a-thon, hit-a-thon, read-a-thon, or anything in-between? By taking your “A-thon” online you can broaden your fundraiser’s reach, get your participants involved, and make record keeping easy as ever! Contact our fast responding support for everything you need to get started, along with our comprehensive “A-thon” packet!

Golf Tournaments

Need help setting up your next Golf Tournament fundraiser? By putting your organization’s Golf Tournament online, not only will it boost donations, but record keeping and ticket sales become easy as pie! Golf Tournaments are a great way to raise money for your organization while getting the community involved! Golf Tournament packages include silent auctions, helicopter golf ball drops, on course contests, and more, all integrated onto your custom fundraising site!

Custom Events

Have a fundraising idea that you want to take online? If you have a custom event you’d like to run with AccelRaise go ahead and contact us for a free consultation. Here at AccelRaise we will work with you to set up the PERFECT online fundraiser that incorporates all your ideas and wants! With our team of dedicated programmers, if you need a feature that we don’t have, let us know and we can add it! Your wish is our command.

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In the spring 2014, Oso Grande Elementary moved from a paper-based Jog-a-Thon to an online program with a dedicated website through AccelRaise. Our Jog-a-Thon website was customized to our school and provided critical program enhancements: 1.Because each child has their own webpage, parents/friends/relatives are able to visit any student’s page and make a donation directly in that child’s name. This allows for increased donations because each student is able to reach a much broader base of donors via the Internet. 2. AccelRaise worked with our school to customize privacy parameters to protect every child’s identity. 3. Real-time donation tracking

Equally impressive to the enormous financial success of the program is the level of customer service the staff at AccelRaise provide throughout the entire fundraiser. They find ways to meet and exceed our expectations on all requests and their can-do attitude make it a joy to collaborate with them on our school’s Jog-a-Thon. AccelRaise is personally vested in our success and work very hard to ensure our goals are met.

Dannielle Cappellino PTA FunRun @ Oso Grande Elementary School

To be honest, we knew we were taking a gamble aiming high to achieve $30,000 again for second year in row. We are a very low income family school and we normally bring in $19,000-21,000 yearly. I’ve been at this school for 7 years and never saw these numbers until we went with AccelRaise last year. Being able to hit the world with one click is what we needed. Again thank you guys for all the help & support!

Rachelle Piatek PTA President @ Lomarena Elementary

For years we have been running our annual Timberwolf Classic Golf Tournament the old fashioned way – by snail mail, and word of mouth. When we were approached by AccelRaise we were attracted to the thought of having everything online so we went ahead and pulled the trigger. Three years later and we continue to beat our goal year after year. Now, not only do we have our golf tournament running through AccelRaise, but this year we just integrated our silent auction, a helicopter golf ball drop, and sponsorships which helped tremendously to have everything in one place for all our participants. With AccelRaise we now are able to fund the programs we thought we’d have to cut, and for that we are super grateful.

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Jeff DeMaio Athletic Director @ Northwood High School

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